Let the Galaxy Burn

by S H R I E K I N G

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Judgement 01:52
Labyrinthine 06:22


- / / A V E - I M P E R A T O R / / -
- / / P A S S - E N T E R / / -
- / / ****************** / / -
- / / A C C E P T E D / / -
- / / W E L C O M E - L O R D - I N Q - Y U R I N / / -

- - - - - - - / / M E S S A G E - I N B O U N D / / - - - - - - -

- / / C O N N E C T I O N - E S T A B L I S H E D / / -
- / / C O N N E C T I O N - L O S T - R E C O N N E C T I N G / / -
- / / . . .
- / / C O N N E C T I O N - R E E S T A B L I S H E D - / / -
- / / T R A N S M I S S I O N - D A T E - {REDACTED} . M 41 / / -
- / / M E S S A G E - 1-478UPK009-416 -R E C E I V E D / / -
- / / . . .
- / / P L A Y B A C K - I N I T I A T E D / / -

I.- The void - it swells. It shrinks and grows, squirms and quivers. I can hear it in the groan of the hull, the whine of the cogitators... and the hum of the machine. We have stirred the void, and it is coming, a rift in reality itself.
Preserve us.

II.- We must keep a tally for Grandfather; mark every boil, every drop of bile, every casing, every life, every spore, and every ill - count them all, and if you lose count; well, begin anew.
He loves us most. And we will count his blessings ware the Tally is finished.

III.- A Champion returns from the seas of the void, heralded by a plea of madness and mindlessness, a Treason and Heresy unforeseen. The Nemesis has claimed him, and billions will die for it.

IV.- The universe is mindless in its brutality, and we rise to meet it. Bleakness calls forth to violence, and violence is always a choice. Merely reach out, and blood will spill - spill it all, burn it all, claim it all for the Throne.

V.- The very foundation of knowledge, of mystery and power, I can hear it... I can hear the very embodiment of all that is true and untrue, known and unknown - It beckons me deeper into the tangling web of unreality. Is anything even corporeal? The secrets lie within and without.

VI.- All is chaos, and all serve the Great Plan - even attempting to resist plays directly into the Plan. There is nothing you can do to escape the Labyrinth. It is endless. It is uncaring. It is false and it is true - this is known. It is unknown, the depths of the maze, the twisting paths of my own mind forge a new avenue.

VII.- The hull rattles, the taps... the knock... the taps... I can hear the rhythm of my lover's footsteps, outside the field. Preserve us, there is no possible way, They cannot be out there. I know this, but I can hear them when I sleep, and when I wake I can feel... something picking at my ear.
I must silence them.

VIII.- The Keeper of Secrets, The Watcher waiting in the void, Godexx of excess, They are the Soul - Devourer, and They Thirst. You shall experience all things, at their foulest and their most ecstatic. Borders of Reality are meaningless.

The galaxy is shattered, burning and dying. There is no escape from the madness of the void.


released January 8, 2020

All instruments (synths, guitars, drums, bass, piano, drones, vocals) by SHRIEKING.

Daemon Samples on tracks 2, 6, and 8 by Stephanie Swan Quills, and Remleiz - 40k Theories. Check them out on Twitter and YouTube.

SHRIEKING Logo: Trivalluya - www.instagram.com/trivalluya


all rights reserved



S H R I E K I N G San Diego, California


Void as sharp as a knife, rough and uneven.

No bigots or Nazis allowed.

Inspired by the desert, and the salty tang of ocean air. The refleciton on the sea of the ever changing moon, and the horrors of endless war, queerness, and cosmic meaninglessness.

Influenced by Dir En Grey, Enslaved, Jucifer, Caina, Lifelover, Grey Widow, Blood Incantation, The Guelph, and Jesu.
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